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Dec 27, 2014 . Want to get or free download Adobe flash player for iPad Air 2? Get iPad Air 2 Adobe Flash player solution here, play flash videos It's may answer of how to watch flash video on iPad Air/Mini, iPhone6S browser. But, unluckily Apple has never supported the Adobe flash Player. Apr 7, 2017 Here's what happens when using Photon Flash Player vs Safari (swipe to see more):. Photon Will Adobe Flash Player be used in the future.

May 30, 2014 Q: Can I download adobe flash player to my iPad Air. Why can't I download adobe flash player to my ipad air. Need adobe flash player. Лучшие приложения на iPad. Лучшие программы на iPad. Каталог тщательно отобранных приложений. Este tipo de contenidos y Puffin Web Browser es, posiblemente, una de las mejores opciones que podemos encontrar a falta del Adobe Flash Player oficial. 16 mar 2014 La soluzione migliore per avere Adobe Flash Player per iPhone e iPad sul proprio dispositivo e visualizzare siti web e filmati in flash. You can download Flash Player, but you cannot run it on iOS, as Apple does not support/allow running plug-in/ActiveX wrapper or VM in iOS, there have been. The Apple and Adobe Flash controversy was a disagreement in the early 2010s between Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems over Adobe Flash technology, and specifically the Adobe Flash Player and its use.